Guys Top Travel

Guys Top Travel is a one-stop shop for men’s travel gear, equipment, and accessories. Testing and reviewing all kind of male travel gear, we ensure you are adequately prepared for your next adventure. Whether you are backpacking through South America or sipping poolside cocktails in San Tropez, we will make sure you have everything you need.

Our advice is informed by real-life experiences, with a team of nomads lead by Guy Toponto testing our gear.  Our team of nomads have been exploring all corners of the globe for years, and therefore have the travel know-how and experience to provide the most helpful and succinct advice.

We cannot stress the importance of adequately preparing yourself for your adventure, especially if you will be setting off alone. Nothing can ruin a potentially beautiful experience than being underprepared.

You have just arrived in a small Uruguayan beach town, having travelled for a full day to meet up with a beautiful and Argentinian enchantress, gracefully making her way down South America’s East Coast. You spent a couple days exploring a Brazilian coastal forest together, and she has been in the forefront of your mind ever since.

You arrive at the local beach cabin she booked. You are the first to arrive and your excitement is palpable!. The place is extremely basic without electricity, but beautifully quaint with spectacular sea views. Contrastingly, looking at the mirror for the first time in many days, you look like a homeless caveman with that scraggly beard. Fortunately, Guys Top Travel has prepared you for this exact situation, with a travel shaving kit, you’ll scrub up in no time.

Ultimately, you want to be prepared, and we are here to help you with that. We understand that gear is both expensive and heavy, and therefore, will help you compile the lightest and most affordable travel kit.

Guy Toponto

A digital nomad, with a passion for digital marketing and writing. Born and raised in Cape Town, I spent much of my childhood exploring the East Coast of South Africa. Here I developed a love for the ocean, outdoor adventures, and travelling. Generally, if the view is good, I’m happy. Furthermore, during this time, a love for extreme sports began to flourish, making me a bit of a thrill seeker.

Contrastingly, as a bit of a bookworm, most evenings you will find me sitting quietly in front of a large window, pen or book in my hand.

Chasing my dream – a lifestyle of travel, adventure, and exploration – I work nomadically. This has allowed me to, since 2014, work while travelling the globe. Generally sticking to the coast unless it is snowboarding season, I have had the privilege of documenting my experiencing a multitude of diverse cultures, from China to Brazil.