The Best Small Coolers in 2018

Having a small personal cooler is incredibly useful if you are someone who likes to take solo hikes, camping trips, a day at the beach or to a ball game. They are small, lightweight and will keep your drinks and snacks cool all day long.

Thermik High-Performance Roto-Molded Cooler

This cooler from Thermik has the same footprint as a 20-quart cooler, but with 5 extra quarts of space. The outer shell is incredibly tough and rugged, perfect for days out camping, on the boat or hiking. It can take a hit.

The inside of the cooler is lined with thick urethane insulation, which can keep and hold ice for up to 5 days. The cooler also has a freezer grade lid seal with a vacuum release button, ensuring a tight and secure seal every time.

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Pelican Elite 20 Quart Cooler

The Pelican Elite Cooler is a 20-quart cooler that is great for ice retention. It has a 2-inch layer of thick polyurethane with a 360-degree freezer grade casket which delivers great ice retention and can hold it for 3 days.

The cooler features molded handles, 3-inch locking latches, a reinforced lockable hasp, a stainless steel bottle opener, an anti-shear hinge system and molded tie-down slots. The cooler also has a leak-proof drainage plug in case of spills.

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Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler

This small and simple cooler from Coleman is another high-quality product from them, using the best materials and designed to last, it is the perfect companion for going to work, a picnic or to the beach.

The cooler can hold up to 6 cans and you can still fit a full meal inside. The unique thing about this cooler is that once you are sitting and relaxing, you can flip the lid over and use it as a table for your drinks or your food.

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Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler

This cooler from Arctic Zone is the smallest in the range but still made with the same precision and care as their bigger models. The zipperless design ensures the insulation system works even better to keep the contents of the bag cooler for longer.

The coolers have DeepFreeze High-Performance Insulation with a radiant heat barrier and a triple layer Cold Blockbase. These combine to give you superior cooling, with this smaller bag keeping its contents ice cold for up to 2 days, even on hot days.

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Coleman 9-Can Soft Cooler

This cooler from Coleman may seem small, but it can hold 9 cans as well as having ample extra storage. It is great for taking to picnics and tailgates, as you can easily fit your drinks and food comfortably.

The bag itself features heat-sealed seams which prevent leaks and stops melted ice and water from escaping. It has easy to carry handles and straps, as well as multiple pockets to store any extras, big or small.

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Rubbermaid Cooler

This small and simple cooler from Rubbermaid is great for road trips, trips to the beach or just to the park with the kids. It has superior thermal retention, keeping the contents cold for as long as you need it to.

The top carrying handle makes it easy to transport while the cooler itself is stain and odor resistant, perfect for those situations when there’s an unwanted spill. The liner is also very easy to clean in those cases of an extreme spill.

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MIER Insulated Lunch Box

This cooler from Mier is a high-quality and durable bag made of strong polyester, it also features the famous SBS zippers. The bag is big enough to hold your drinks and food, and there are also smaller pockets for any accessories you may want to take along.

The cooler is insulated incredibly well, with heat-sealed seams and a leak-proof liner. The cooler is also very easy to clean, and is also very versatile, being able to be used for kids and adults, for any situation.

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Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler

This cooler from Coleman is another high-quality product, this time featuring enough space to hold 16 cans, or fewer cans and all the food you may need for a day out. The interior liner is also removable, allowing for more packing flexibility.

The bag itself has heat-sealed seams to prevent leaks and to add to the insulation. The flexible PEVA lining has anti-microbial and anti-odor properties, ensuring the inside of the bag is always fresh and sanitary.

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Coleman 9-Quart Excursion Cooler

This cooler from Coleman is a more traditional and old-school type cooler. It is simple, tough and rugged, and able to hold enough drinks and food for a day out camping or to take to work.

This cooler is made of the highest quality materials, like every other Coleman product, and it is just as durable and long-lasting.

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Coleman 9 Can Removable Liner Cooler

Once again, another quality cooler from Coleman, this soft cooler has a removable liner to maximize storage space. It can hold 9 cans, or take fewer cans and have enough space to store your food for the day.

The cooler comes with heat-sealed seams to prevent leaks and to maximize the insulation of the bag. The cooler comes with carrying handles and a shoulder strap to allow for easy transport. It also has multiple pockets to store any accessories.

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A small cooler is a brilliant little piece of gear for any day trip. They are compact but can still hold enough bottles, cans, and food to get you through the day. they fit in perfectly with your fishing, hiking or camping gear.

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