Best Snorkel Gear for Kids in 2018

Snorkeling and swimming are one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences for kids, especially when you go on holiday to the beach. If you kids aren’t completely comfortable in the water just yet, or they want to explore even more than they could before, then they may need some new gear.

Seaview 180° Full Face Mask

This full face mask from Seaview offers you a 180-degree, panoramic field of vision that allows you to enjoy everything the ocean has to offer with crystal clear clarity. The GoPro mount allows you to record every second of the adventure.

The mask is fitted with Dry Snorkel Technology, which prevents water from entering the breathing tube, even if the tube is completely submerged. The easy breathing system allows you to breathe through both your nose and mouth.

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Qingsong Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Qingsong mask is another full face snorkel mask that is anti-fogging and anti-leak. The anti-fogging is achieved by having the breathing chamber separate from the lens, thus preventing the lens from fogging up while swimming.

The mask is completely foldable, by using a button on the breathing tube, you can fold it down so you can easily store it in a backpack or a beach bag, ideal if you are needing to save space while traveling.

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Speedo Junior Recreation Dive Mask

This snorkeling mask from Speedo is a more traditional design. It is fitted with a heavy-duty polycarbonate lens and also has an anti-fog coating to keep your view crystal clear as you swim.

The mask has a comfort fit silicone skirt that prevents leakages. The mask has a speed fit head strap that allows for quick and easy adjusting. The mask is designed for narrower and smaller faces and is ideal for kids aged 6-14 years.

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Sea Lion Junior Floating Fins

These simple fins from Sea Lion are a great starter pair for any kids wanting to get into snorkeling. They are buoyant and simple to put on and allow your child to swim for longer, and further, without tiring.

These flippers can in many different sizes for boys and girls, especially younger kids. They are a very compact length, meaning they can fit into any beach bag, travel bag or backpack, and are great to take along on holiday.

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Cressi Rocks Kids Fins

These fins from Cressi are a composite design fin with a vented open heel and fully adjustable straps which allows your child to get them when they are younger, and grow into them without having to purchase a new pair.

The dual vented blades provide an immense amount of power as well as energy saving efficiency. The fin straps also have a thumb loop that makes them incredibly easy to get on and off, even for your kids.

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Capas Snorkel Fins

These fins from Capas are completely adjustable and can accommodate not only your child’s feet but also yours. These are brilliantly designed and incredibly comfortable too and can be easily used by the whole family.

The fins have a soft foot pocket, and can also be adjusted for different wearing styles. They are just as comfortable to wear barefoot as they are with fin socks or diving booties. These are also very compact and great for traveling.

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Rrtizan Children’s Snorkel Vest

This snorkeling vest by Rrtizan is an inflatable vest for kids who may be uncomfortable in the water. It has tremendous buoyancy and will keep your child above the water even if they are hit by a strong wave.

The vest is incredibly lightweight and compact, and unlike some vests, inflation and deflation can take as little as ten seconds. The two adjustable straps also allow you to fit the jacket perfectly no matter the height or weight of your child.

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Scuba Choice Youth Snorkel Vest

This snorkel vest is another simple and easy to use vest for kids. It is designed for kids weighing up to 100 pounds and can be adjusted to fit most heights and weights quickly and simply.

The vest is fitted with a removable strap that prevents it from riding up when inflated, and there is also a crotch strap to keep it in place when swimming. There is an oral inflator tube near the mouth to inflate the jacket as and when needed.

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Scuba Choice Youth Inflatable Snorkel Jacket

This is another jacket from Scuba Choice that is also made to fit most children. The one size fits all design with adjustable straps allows you to get a perfect fit with very little chance of the vest slipping off.

The jacket is also designed with a high-visibility safety color, allowing you to keep an eye on your children even if they are relatively far out in the water. It is also fitted with an oral inflator for quick inflation.

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Cressi Rocks Snorkel Set

Cressi has been designed quality snorkeling and swimming gear for ages, and this set is no different. You get a pair of goggles, a dry top snorkel, and a pair of fins. This set is great for kids wanting to get out into the water.

The goggles are made with tempered glass to make them stronger and more durable. The snorkel is fitted with a splash guard to prevent water from entering while swimming, and the fins are compact and strong and made to give extra power and save energy.

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NAGA Sports Kids Snorkel Set

This set from Naga provides goggles made from strong tempered glass which is scratch and shatter resistant, while the silicone skirt provides great protection against any leaks while keeping the goggles comfortable to wear.

The very powerful Trek fins provide an immense amount of power, while the straps are fully adjustable and allow your child to grow with them. They are also very compact and easy to store.

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U.S. Divers Combo Set

This set of snorkeling gear is the same high quality that U.S Divers is known for, and the whole set includes goggles, a snorkel, a pair of fins and a carry bag. Perfect gift for any kid wanting to get out into the water.

The goggles are fitted with easily adjustable buckles so you can always find the perfect fit. The snorkel has a splash guard to prevent water from entering the tube while surface swimming and the fins are designed for maximum power and energy saving efficiency.

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Snorkeling gear can be quite easy to find for your child if you know where to look, and we hope this guide has helped you find the right piece you need, whether it be goggles, a pair of fins, or an entire set.

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