Top Portable Solar Chargers in 2018 (Camping, Hiking, Emergency)

Portable solar chargers are brilliant pieces of gear to have in your hiking pack, pack in your bag when you go camping, or have stored in your home in the event of losing electricity or there is an emergency.

Beartwo Portable Solar Charger

This portable solar charger from Beartwo has the capability of charging two USB devices at the same time. The charger has fast charging, which allows you to charge your smartphones and devices in 4 to 5 hours.

The charger is waterproof, with the USB and micro-USB ports being covered by a rubber cap, protecting the internal battery against rain and water. The corners are reinforced to prevent damage if it falls and the rugged surface prevents slipping.

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Hobest Solar Charger

The Hobest Solar Charger has both Type C and micro-USB ports that allow for dual charging. The charger has a large capacity and can charge quite quickly. Your smartphone, depending on the size of the battery, will only take a couple of hours to charge.

The solar charger is water-resistant, shockproof and dustproof and incredibly durable. Even though this charger can take a hit and be dropped without damaging it, it is still incredibly lightweight and compact, being able to fit in any pack or pocket.

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Ayyie Solar Charger

This solar charger from Ayyie is highly compatible with almost every device you may need to charge, it works just as well on Android and iOS. The massive capacity allows you to charge devices multiple times on one charge of the solar charger.

The charger has two different charging ports, which not only allow you to charge different devices that use different cables but also allows you to charge two devices at one time. You can charge the panel using a wall plug or the sun.

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kiizon Solar Charger

This solar charger by kiizon has a massive 25 000 mAh capacity. This is brilliant in emergency situations as this huge capacity allows you to charge your smartphones between 6 and 8 times, also great if you are going camping or hiking for extended periods of time.

The charger is water, shock and dust resistant. It also has a system built in that stops your devices from overcharging and overheating. The dual charging system allows you to charge two devices at once.

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Beswill Solar Charger

This solar charger from Beswill has a 10 000 mAh capacity, which is more than enough to charge your devices at least two times, even three times. The device also has brilliant heat dissipation capabilities to ensure it does not overheat.

The charger is fitted with dual USB points, allowing you to charge two different devices at once. The charger is fitted with smart identification, which means the solar charger identifies the device being charged and adjusts the power it sends to it, ensuring a quicker charge.

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Foxelli Dual USB Solar Charger

This folding panel solar charger from Foxelli is a lightweight and durable charger that is perfect for any camper or hiker. The fact that the charger has panels that fold, means it can fold down into a compact size and fit into any pack or bag.

This charger is able to adapt to any device plugged into it, you can charge everything from smartphones to handheld gaming systems, a GoPro and a Kindle. The charger is weatherproof and highly durable.

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Nekteck Solar Charger

This solar charger from Nekteck has a 21-watt high-efficiency Sunpower panel, this then increases the power conversion rate from 21% to 24%. This then provides enough power to charge two different devices at the same time.

The panel has fast charging technology, which means it has a built-in IC chip, which allows each port to identify the device that has been plugged in, and then ensures the correct amount of power is sent to that device for the quickest and most effective charge.

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Renogy Foldable Solar Charger

This may seem like a large and cumbersome solar panel, but it is actually quite lightweight and compact. This makes the device very portable, allowing you to pack into your backpack or with your camping gear with ease.

The charger comes with an adjustable corrosion resistant aluminium stand, it has a heavy-duty handle, high-quality latches for longevity and a protective casing. The 4-stage solar charge controller provides overcharge protection, greatly reducing the chance of a fire.

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TabPow Solar Charger Power Bank

This solar charged power bank from TabPow has a 24 000 mAh capacity. This enormous capacity allows you to charge an iPhone X 7 times, and an iPad Air 1.5 times. This is a monster of a charger.

The charger is fitted with an updated and upgraded QC 3.0. This automatically detects the device that has been plugged in and adjusts the power output to ensure the most effective charge, irrelevant of what that device is.

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Ayyie Solar Charger

This is another brilliant solar charger from Ayyie. This one has a capacity of 10 000 mAh, and has dual charging ports, allowing you to charge two different devices at the same time, and both will receive a full charge.

The device itself is made of a durable and strong ABS+PC+Silicone material, ensuring it can take a beating and not suffer any serious damage if dropped. It is also fitted with smart identification that adjusts the power that is sent out depending on the device plugged in.

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Portable solar chargers are brilliant if you are planning on going on an extended hike or camping trip, and are invaluable if you are left without power due to a catastrophic event or if your power is cut.

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