10 Best Travel Bags for Men 2021 (Duffel | Carry On | Small | Weekender | Overnight)

Having the ideal bag when traveling is an essential piece of gear. Whether it be for a holiday, a weekend away, or just a day bag to carry your essentials, you need a reliable bag to keep your gear safe and that will last as long as you need it to.

This list is designed to give you an idea of the best bags on the market and what they are best for. If you are looking for a new weekend duffel bag, a laptop bag, or just a small “Man-bag” for your upcoming holiday, we have you covered.

Our absolute favourite bag on our list is the Lifewit Leather Laptop Bag. This bag is extremely well made and most definitely worth the price.

The padded main compartment will keep your laptop safe, and there is still enough room to store any other essentials you may need, whether it be for work, school, or on holiday 


Top Brands

Lifewit have produced an amazing laptop bag that is strong, and durable, and one of our favorite bags on this list. Definitely on our wishlist.

Another brand we are really enjoying is komalC. Their Hunter Leather laptop bag is brilliant. The leather is top quality and very strong and has that komalC quality we all know.

Best Weekender Bag

Our favorite weekender bag goes to the Cenzo Brown Leather Weekender Travel Bag. the incredible quality and finishing make this bag a must-have.

Travel with everything you need for the weekend in luxury, and rest assured knowing this bag will never let you down and last you many years to come. 

Top Duffel Bag

Our favorite duffel bag is the Bago Travel Duffel Bag. With its 85-liter capacity, this bag can carry everything you need and more. never be short on space.

The ripstop material and high-quality design mean this bag can withstand the bumps of bruises of travel and being on a plane. 

Top Carry On Bag

Our favorite carry-on bag is the Oflamn Duffel Bag. With its large storage space and separate shoe compartment, this is the ideal bag for weekend business trips.

Store your clothes, shoes, toiletry bag, laptop and files all in the one bag. A great compact, easy to carry bag that can go with you on the plane.

Favourite Man-Bag

The Berchirly Small Messenger Bag is our favorite “Man-bag”. This bag is very well priced for the quality you get and it is very versatile, use it in the office or out on a hike.

Store all of your small essentials and valuables in this compact, lightweight bag that can go anywhere you do. 

Best Overnight Bag

The best overnight bag goes to the Toupons Large Canvas Travel Tote. The thick canvas is incredibly strong and durable, while the large capacity allows you to carry everything you may need.

This bag is very versatile and can be used as a weekender, an overnight bag, and a carry-on. Use it everywhere, and take it everywhere. 

Favorite Laptop Bag

Our favorite laptop bag, and possibly our favorite bag on this list, is the Lifewit Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag. Well made, high-quality and strong materials, and will last a lifetime.

Store your laptop in the padded compartment, and still have room to store anything else you may need for work. Brilliant for students and businessmen alike. 

Travel Bag Comparison Table

BagBest ForImageBudgetRatingCheck Price
Lifewit Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop BagLaptop$9.5/10 See Price
KomalC Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger BagLaptop$$9.5/10 See Price
Oflamn Large Duffel BagCarry-on$9.5/10 See Price
Bago Travel Duffel Bag

Duffel$9/10 See Price
Toupons Large Canvas Travel ToteOvernight$9/10 See Price
Cenzo Duffle Vecchio Brown Italian Leather Weekender Travel BagWeekender$$$9/10 See Price

Berchirly Small Vintage Canvas and Leather MessengerMan-Bag$9/10 See Price
Shacke’s Travel Duffel Express Weekender BagCarry-on$8.5/10 See Price
SUVOM Leather Weekender Duffle BagWeekender$8/10 See Price
S-ZONE Canvas Weekend BagDuffel$8/10 See Price
ibagbar Small Canvas Shoulder BagMan-Bag$8/10 See Price
SUVOM Leather Overnight Duffle BagOvernight$7.5/10 See Price

Best Men’s Travel Bags Reviews

Cenzo Duffle Vecchio Brown Italian Leather Weekender Travel Bag Review

  • Exceptional Quality
  • Very Durable
  • Price
  • Shoulder strap needs more padding

The Cenzo Brown Leather Weekender Travel Bagis made from some of the highest quality materials and finest leather. This highly durable and versatile bag will last you many years and the 8 oz canvas lining won’t get damaged by the bag’s contents.

The bag has a floor to floor zipper, making packing incredibly easy, and you won’t risk creasing your clothes. The bag is big enough for pack enough for a business trip or a weekend away, ideal for constant travelers.

  • High Quality
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Large storage capacity
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SUVOM Leather Weekender Duffle Bag Review

  • High quality
  • Decent size
  • Zipper quality questionable
  • A bit flimsy, not rigid

The Suvom Leather Weekender Duffle Bagis a high-quality, highly durable, multi-pocketed travel that is ideal for the businessman on the go, or for someone taking a quick weekend getaway trip.

The bag is made from thick cotton canvas, and the padded handles make it comfortable to carry, even when full. The bag has multiple pockets to store clothing, your laptop, many small pockets for smaller essentials. This bag can carry everything you need for a weekend away.

  • Durable
  • Decent price
  • Multiple pockets
  • Can store laptop
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S-ZONE Canvas Weekend Bag Review

  • Lightweight
  • Rust free hardware
  • Not rigid
  • Zipper quality not consistent

The S-Zone Canvas Weekend Bag is a durable and lightweight weekend bag made from light and soft canvas, with very high-quality crazy horse leather trim, and handcrafted bottom rivets.

The hardware is made from very high-quality Zine-alloy, which won’t gather rust. The bag is also very large and can store everything you may need for a weekend away while staying comfortable to carry, and can be used as a carry-on.

  • Light and durable canvas
  • Handcrafted, strong rivets
  • Rustproof hardware
  • Can be used as carry-on
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Bago Travel Duffel Bag Review

  • 85-liter capacity
  • Ripstop material
  • Zipper quality not consistent
  • Poor customer service

The Bago Travel Duffel Bag is a brilliant travel bag with an 85-liter capacity. Ideal for a weekend travel bag, gym bag, or a carry on. The bag is highly durable and is made of Ripstop materials, prevent any damage if the bag gets snagged on a corner.

The bag is incredibly lightweight and is collapsible, making it very easy to store when it isn’t in use, and it is so compact you can pack it into your luggage and take it as an extra bag, the perfect “just in case” bag.

  • 85-liter capacity
  • Durable
  • Ripstop material
  • Collapsible
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Shacke’s Travel Duffel Express Weekender Bag Review

  • Price
  • Decent quality
  • Plastic fittings sometimes break
  • Stitching sometimes rips

The Shackes Travelbag is a large, highly durable bag made from dragon nylon, which is a high quality, water-resistant fabric. The bag is also lightweight and has a water-resistant interior, keeping your possessions dry.

The bag has 4 extra compartments, a shoe compartment, a side elastic pouch, a front zipper pouch, and an inside hanging pouch. The super comfortable shoulder strap is adjustable and keeps you comfortable even when the bag is packed and heavy.

  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Extra storage compartments
  • High-quality zips
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Oflamn Large Duffel Bag Review

  • Shoe compartment
  • Large storage space
  • Zipper stitching not the best
  • Unstable design

The Oflamn Duffel Bag is a large, canvas bag that can easily fit 4-6 days of clothing and essentials. There are also compartments on the inside to hold passports, IDs, or other essential paperwork or small pieces of gear.

The bag is flight-friendly, meaning it meets the requirements to be a carry-on. The shoe compartment is also located on the side of the bag to keep your shoes separate from the rest of your clothing and possessions.

  • Large storage space
  • Shoe compartment
  • Flight-friendly
  • Decent price point
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ibagbar Small Canvas Shoulder Bag Review

  • Small and compact
  • Water-resistant
  • Not big enough to hold a laptop
  • Quality not consistent

The ibagbar Small Canvas Shoulder Bag is a very stylish, eco-friendly, Oxford fabric messenger style bag, that is water resistant. The bag is also big enough to fit a tablet or an iPad.

The bag has 9 different compartments, 1 main front pocket, 1 main zipped compartment, 1 inner mesh pocket, 1 inner zipper pocket for your wallet, 1 smaller pocket with 9 card holders, 1 zipped back pocket, 1 anti-theft pocket, and room for two water bottles.

  • Stylish
  • Water resistant
  • Can fit iPad or tablet
  • Many storage compartments
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Berchirly Small Vintage Canvas and Leather Messenger Review

  • Decent price
  • Great for the outdoors too
  • Smaller than it looks
  • Zipper quality could be better

The Berchirly Small Messenger Bag is a canvas messenger with faux leather finishes, it’s a cross body or single shoulder strap that is ideal for carrying around your small essentials such as your wallet or keys.

This bag can fit many small essentials or pieces of gear and can be used for traveling, camping, or even hiking. The durable bag can handle the lot. It’s simple yet retro and does its job brilliantly.

  • High-quality canvas bag
  • Can fit all small essentials
  • Versatile
  • Simple yet effective design
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Toupons Large Canvas Travel Tote Review

  • Thick canvas
  • Large capacity
  • Water repellant, not waterproof
  • Seam quality not consistent

This Toupons Large Canvas Travel Tote is made from 16oz ultra thick and durable canvas, designed to be super strong and versatile. The large capacity bag is able to hold everything you will need for a night or for the weekend.

This multi-function travel bag can be used for the weekend, for the night, is small enough to be stored easily and can be taken as carry-on. Pack your laptop, clothes, shoes, and any other small essentials with ease.

  • Thick and durable canvas
  • Versatile
  • Can be used as carry-on
  • Enough space to hold clothes, shoes, and a laptop
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SUVOM Leather Overnight Duffle Bag Review

  • 45L capacity
  • Can be used as carry-on
  • Zipper quality questionable
  • Not very rigid

The Suvom Leather Overnight Duffle Bag is an oversized travel bag that is suitable for traveling and carry-on, gym bag or an everyday bag. The thick cotton canvas and leather is very wearable and durable.

The bag has multiple pockets, 1 large main compartment that can hold a laptop or a tablet, or clothes and shoes. 1 zipper pocket, 2 smaller pockets for cell phones or documents, 2 exterior side pockets, a front zipper pocket, and a back zipper pocket.

  • Large capacity
  • Versatile
  • Can be used as carry-on
  • Decent price
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KomalC Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger Bag Review

  • Very high-quality materials
  • Strong and durable
  • Price
  • Color runs, isn’t sealed

The KomalC Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger Bag is a well designed, and very well made leather and is lined with high quality and durable canvas. The rustic look is incredibly stylish and most definitely an eye catcher.

The padded laptop compartment keeps your laptop safe and secure. The bag itself can hold a laptop or a tablet, as well as files, there is also a cards/pens section inside. The two big pockets at the front can hold phones or any other smaller possessions.

  • High-quality materials used
  • Strong and very durable
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Can hold other pieces of gear
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Lifewit Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag Review

  • High-quality construction
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Hardware can be better
  • Stitching sometimes frays

The Lifewit Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag is quite possibly one of the best laptop bags on the market. The high-quality leather is matched with strong and durable canvas to give you a well made and very well designed laptop bag.

The padded main compartment can easily and securely store your laptop. There are also multiple pockets for extra storage, there are two large, front pockets, 1 zipper pocket for important possessions, and two small inner pockets.

  • High quality
  • Strong materials
  • Padded main compartment
  • Multiple storage pockets
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Travel Bag Buying decisions


Budget is always the most important aspect when making a purchase. With regards to bags, you usually get what you pay for. We do have some options here where the quality is amazing for a cheaper price.

Just be aware, you pay for materials and craftsmanship, and the top brands still have options that can fit everybody’s pocket. Do some research, and find the right price for you.


Durability is a very important aspect when it comes to bags. The bag will protect your belongings and you want to be sure if can take a bump or two. Leather and canvas are incredibly strong materials and should be the first thing you look for when buying a bag.


The size of the bag you need is also important to know before spending your money. Make sure you know what you will need the bag for first. Do you need it for a holiday, a weekend away, or for your laptop?

Once you have an answer, it is much easier to decide which bag you need, always check the dimensions of the bag and don’t completely trust a picture to give you an idea of the sizing, rather measure it out and be satisfied that it is big or small enough.

Ease of Use

A bag that is easy to carry is always a must. Ease of use becomes even more important if you are going to be traveling with it a lot or carrying it around. Also being sure the bag fits the dimensions of airplane carry-on can save you money if you are a frequent traveler.


Maybe you just want to purchase one bag that you plan on using for many different occasions. A travel bag, a gym bag, a laptop bag. Not everyone needs a bag for everything and doing some extra reading to find out everything a bag can do and hold can definitely help you decide on which bag is right for you.


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How to Clean Your Leather Bag

If you need to clean your leather bag, here are some helpful tips and methods to get it looking brand new again.

Airliner Baggage Requirements

AirlineAllowanceMax. DimensionsMax. Weight
Aer Lingus1 cabin bag + 1 personal itemOverall dimension 115cm10kg
Aeroflot1 cabin bag55cm x 40cm x 24cm10kg
Air Asia1 cabin bag + 1 personal itemcabin bag: 56cm x 36cm x 23cm personal item: 40cm x 30cm x 10cm7kg
Air France1 cabin bag + 1 personal itemcabin bag: 55cm x 35cm x 25cm personal item: 40cm x 35cm x 15cm12kg
British Airways1 cabin bag + 1 handbag/laptop bagcabin bag: 56cm x 45cm x 25cm handbag/laptop bag:45cm x 36cm x 20cm23kg per bag
Delta1 cabin bag + 1 personal item56cm x 35cm x 23cmNo weight restriction *
easyJet1 cabin bag56cm x 45cm x 25cm inc. handles/wheelsNo weight restriction
Emirates1 cabin bag55cm x 38cm x 20cm7kg
Etihad Airways1 cabin bag40cm x 50cm x 25cm7kg
Flybe1 cabin bag + 1 small personal item55cm x 35cm x 20cm10kg
Jet21 cabin bag + 1 personal item56cm x 45cm x 25cm10kg
KLM1 cabin bag + 1 personal itemcabin bag:55cm x 35cm x 25cmpersonal item: 40cm x 30cm x 15cm12kg
Lufthansa1 cabin bag55cm x 40cm x 23cm8kg
Monarch1 cabin bag or 2 separate pieces of hand luggage56cm x 40cm x 25cm10kg
Norwegian1 cabin bag + 1 personal item55cm x 40cm x 23cm10kg
Qatar Airways1 cabin bag + 1 personal item50cm x 37cm x 25cm7kg
Ryanair*1 cabin bag + 1 small bagcabin bag: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm small bag: 35cm x 20cm x 20cm10kg
Thomas Cook Airlines1 cabin bag + 1 personal item55cm x 40cm x 20cm6kg
Thomson Airways1 cabin bag55 x 40 x 20cm5kg
Turkish Airlines1 cabin bag55cm x 40cm x 23cm8kg
Virgin Atlantic1 cabin bag56cm x 36cm x 23cm10kg
Vueling Airlines1 cabin bag + 1 smaller bagcabin bag: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm smaller bag: 35cm x 20cm x 20cm10kg
Wizz Air1 cabin bag42cm x 32cm x 25cm10kg


A high-quality travel bag is necessary for anyone who is constantly on the go. Whether it be for work, a holiday, or a quick weekend away, you need something strong and reliable to travel with.

We hope this guide has helped you find some direction with regards to your next purchase, and help you know what exactly you need the bag for. If you need a versatile bag or a bag for a specific activity or use, we are sure we have an option for you.

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